Peril with Parasites

LifeCleanse saved my life!

THE SUMMER OF 2008 was an unbelievably stressful time for me. My life was as dark as it has ever been; skipping from one loss to another. What I didn't know was, parasites flourish in a weak body. By September, my body was weak and ravaged from the stress. Off and on, I was experiencing stomach pain and constipation. Then, in October, my symptoms were non-stop. A rotting feeling in my gut, frequent belching, and severe constipation. I began taking a colon cleansing herbal remedy, drinking a ton of water, and eating mostly vegetables hoping to detox my system. Instead my pain got worse and by the fourth day I was barely able to get through ten minutes without one hand on my stomach, trying to massage the pain away and Advil every four hours! I remember trying to sleep that evening, tossing and turning in pain.

By the fifth day, I knew something was terribly wrong. Something was completely blocking my colon. I took a few laxatives hoping they would help loosen the blockage. I was crying, cramping, sweating, and lying naked on my bathroom floor. Still nothing; no bowel movement after six hours! I went into urgent care later that day and the doctor did an x-ray. As I waited for him to review the x-ray, I was crying and writhing in pain. He told me he "didn't see a blockage, to get some Miralax and drink a lot of water." He then wrote me an RX for Vicoden and sent me home. I was in disbelief. I could barely walk, let alone get back into my car and drive to the pharmacy, but I did. I took the Vicoden and it felt so good to have a bit of relief from the pain but the minute it began to wear off the pain came back with a vengeance! I had missed two days of work now and knew I wasn't getting better. I took a double dose of the pain med that night just so I could sleep; since I hadn't for days.

The next day I woke in excruciating pain, got out of bed and collapsed on the floor. I crawled to the bathroom. At this point, I started vomiting. I felt like every inch of my intestines were full up to my throat. I couldn't even drink water without throwing it up. I was shaking and sweating uncontrollably. I thought I was at death's door. So, I called 911 and was taken to the hospital. After consulting with the doctor he decided to do an ultrasound of my stomach. They put and IV in my arm to get me fluids (I was so dehydrated and toxic, my kidney's were shutting down) and gave me a shot of morphine for the pain. The ultrasound showed no blockage. He said there was "nothing wrong" with me and sent me home with a prescription for more Vicoden! Doctors did not see "anything" in the CAT scan, x-ray or ultra sound is because...parasites don't show up in those tests! They [parasites] are undetectable! The sad thing is that they can do a stool sample and they didn't.

When I got home, the second shot of Morphine had worn off and the pain started up again! Now I really thought I was gonna die!!! I laid face down in my bed through the night; loaded with Vicoden. The next day, I had to call into work AGAIN. I was weary any weak. I got on my hands and knees and begged God to help me. I KNEW something was really wrong so, I had my ex-husband bring me to the hospital again. This time a doctor decided to do a cat scan of my abdominal area. "I don't see anything" he said. He and the nurse looked at me as if I were crazy; one of those freaks that "makes up" ailments to get painkillers. I broke down at that point. I was so disappointed with the doctor's lack of concern. I told him " This is not normal! There is something VERY wrong going on with my body here. Is there anything else you can test for?" "Nope", he said. "And I'm not giving you any more Vicoden".

I got home and went straight to the computer. I had read about colonics/hydrotherapy, so I started to search for a place. I found LifeCleanse online. I called and spoke with Barb about what was going on with me. She made room for me to come in that day. When I got there, Barb greeted me with enthusiasm, explained everything about her hydrotherapy system, and we got started. During the session I was in extreme pain and Barb put peppermint oil on my abdominal area and did a special massage technique during the colonic. Water ran through me for 60 minutes and all that came out was crumbles of waste. Barb said she had never seen anyone so blocked.

The next day I was still in pain. Barb had me scheduled to come in again but I was so weak, I couldn't even gather the strength to get dressed- let alone drive there. So I called her to say I couldn't make it in. "YOU HAVE TO. I really feel the second cleanse will get you well; get through that blockage", she said. "Can you get a ride here?" I sensed she was very concerned and felt she KNEW what she was talking about. And heck, I had no other choice! The doctors weren't going to help me!!! So I got there and we started the process again. About 20 minutes into the water flow, more and more crumbles of waste were releasing. I was fascinated with how the system was set up so that I could see what was coming out of me through a clear pipe next to the bed. I began seeing tiny white worms 25 minutes into it. Barb said they looked like round worms (which are very common). Ten more minutes... and then... there it was! A tapeworm [a flat, segmented fettuccine like noodle] approximately five feet long! Barb and I stared in dismay. Jaws open. That thing had coiled itself into a ball so large and had blocked my intestine completely! Immediately, I felt better! My pain was GONE!!

In the days following, as my body released them, I continued to see more worms in my stool every time I went to the bathroom. Apparently, they can lay 10,000 eggs per day! I was loaded with them and didn't even know it!! As my body rid itself, I began feeling better and better every day. Barb had me come back twice a week for two weeks and put me on Parasitin to make sure all the eggs were dead along with any other types of parasites that were still holding on.

I thank Barb and LifeCleanse for saving me! Who knows what would have happened to me if I hadn't found her! What makes LifeCleanse unique is that Barb genuinely cares about helping others, she is incredibly knowledgeable & professional. She's also an R.N.; many hydrotherapists are NOT! I also love that LifeCleanse is set up like a beautiful spa...waterfall and all! What a place!

People assume you only get parasites if you travel outside the United States. The facts are that you can get them from: Sushi, undercooked pork, unsanitary hands making your burrito at Chipotle, and your dog or cat, etc! Research it! The facts are out there! People just choose to ignore it. "Parasites were killing me"


Minneapolis Resident

The Fog

EVER SINCE I CAN REMEMBER, I have not felt well. I daily fought tiredness, brain fog, constipation, and intense food cravings. I thought this was normal until a friend suggested that I study the connection between food and health. I was 15 years old and, after changing my diet, I did feel better. But it wasn't until I was introduced to colon hydrotherapy, when I was 24, that I truly learned what vibrant health was. I was amazed when after only 5 colonics, I began to experience inexhaustible energy, a clear mind, and no more food cravings. I continued colon hydro-therapy for a few months because of its many benefits. I began to live a much fuller life. How thrilled I was!

Life went on. I moved away from the colon hydrotherapy clinic, but continued a healthy diet. Yet I slowly began to experience the same childhood symptoms, along with a few more. Over the next 28 years, I tried a myriad of therapies (traditional and alternative) with little relief.

Then I found LifeCleanse in Anoka and I again began colon hydrotherapy. How thrilled I was when after only 4 colonics, I began experiencing the same vibrant health as I had 28 years earlier! Life is again full and fun. This time I will continue colon hydrotherapy on a regular basis. Thank you, LifeCleanse!


Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Undeniable Proof

IN 2009, MY ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY INSTRUCTOR recommended we get colonics to help our digestive system work better. Fast forward to 2012 when I was severely constipated and having bowel movements once every two weeks. I started having lower back pain, which progressed greatly in three days, leaving me with very limited motion. I remembered my A&P instructor's words that constipation can cause pain in the back and abdomen.

I went to LifeCleanse in Anoka for a series of colonics. After completing three sessions, I felt great. The pain was gone and I began having weekly bowel movements. Now, I make sure to keep taking care of my digestive system through the help of LifeCleanse.


Unmistakable Calm

Barb is amazing! Her energy is so warm and caring.

I was looking for a place to try colon hydrotherapy and I was drawn in by the LifeCleanse of Anoka website. I'm so glad I trusted my intuition and scheduled that first appointment. I was excited amd nervous all at the same time, but Barb erased my nervousness. I felt so comfortable with her. After two days of cleansing I lost 4.7 pounds, and had so much energy and clarity. I was exhausted after day one, but day two, I was bouncing off the walls!!

(I have five more sessions. I'll post an update when I've completed them.)


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