Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are able to colonize the intestinal tract and help promote healthy structure and function. Many lifestyle factors favor undesirable microorganisms over probiotics in your intestinal tract: stress, poor diet (sugar & fat), alcohol, prescription drugs, travel, frequent colds or infections, and aging are the big ones. It's hard for a modern person not to have a probiotic deficiency to some degree. The probiotic we sell at LifeCleanse is top quality. It has 5 symbiotic probiotic strains which stick to intestinal soft lining (wall) and keep it healthy. Two bioactive prebiotics stimulate the probiotics and enhance their action. The result is a healthy soft lining which means improved digestion and regularity, an alert immune system, and enhanced absorption of nutrients and dietary supplements.

Elevate, Activate, Regenerate with X39!

X39 is a true breakthrough in regenerative science. Using light, X39's patented health technology elevates the copper peptide GHK-Cu, which is known to signal the activation of stem cells. These patches come in "envelopes" that have 30 patches for a month's supply. It is advised to give your body time to heal and recommended to start with a minimum 3-month supply, or 3 envelopes. Many people get the Silver package which gives them 3 month's worth of patches. To choose this option, go to "Join Us" and select the Silver package. 

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