"A good reliable set of bowels is worth more to us than any quantity of brains."



What is the Colon?

The colon, also called large intestine, is the last five feet of the digestive tract. It is a hollow tube like organ made up of muscle structure that moves digestive food and waste along by a wavelike motion known as peristalsis. The primary function of the colon is to absorb water, electrolytes, and some vitamins, as well as, preparing and storing fecal waste prior to elimination. The colon is the living area for a host of bacteria that produce vitamins, such as K and some B vitamins.

Why Do I Need To Cleanse My Colon?

Constipation is a major problem in our society. It is the most common gastrointestinal complaint in the United States, resulting in about two million annual visits to the doctor. Constipation is so widespread that the average person who is constipated doesn’t even know it.

Hippocrates claimed that chronic disease came from auto intoxication, ie., self poisoning due to constipation.

Colon cancer is the second leading cancer killer in the United States. It appears more frequently in women and rectal cancer has a higher occurrence in men. Few of us realize that failure to effectively eliminate waste products from the body causes so much fermentation and putrefaction in the large intestine, or colon, that the neglected accumulation of such waste can, and frequently does, result in a lingering demise. 

Periodic cleansing would minimize the exposure of potential carcinogens to the colon walls, dilute the toxin concentrations in the cecum and facilitate the removal of the same. The result is a reduced load on the portal (liver) and lymphatic systems allowing the five eliminative organs of the body (skin, lymph, lungs, kidneys, and bowel) to balance the removal of these toxins.

The colon is your body’s sewer and a natural breeding ground for bacteria. The purpose and function of these bacteria is to neutralize, dissipate, avoid and prevent a toxic condition from developing in the colon. Research has shown a definite connection between the nature of the diet and type of flora in the intestines. A diet high in protein results in predominately proteolytic putrefactive bacteria which produce toxic compounds, some of which are absorbed. In a proper, clean, healthy environment the healthy scavenging bacteria will control the pathogenic kind. When too much fermentation and putrefaction is generated in the colon as a result of neglecting to keep it as free from feces and waste as possible, the pathogenic bacteria proliferate and ailments result. The slower transit time allows more toxic substances to penetrate the bowel wall and pass into the blood and lymph, eventually spreading throughout the body. This creates a greater vulnerability to disease in tissues already weakened by other means. Not to cleanse the colon is like having the entire garbage collecting staff in the city go on strike for days on end. The accumulation of garbage on the streets creates putrid, odoriferous, unhealthy gases which are dispersed into the atmosphere.

Many people think they have gotten fat when, in fact, it is the accumulation of fecal material and mucoid plaque possibly built up for years. It has been discovered that the average middle aged meat eater can carry around a colon with five to fifty pounds of impacted fecal matter. Fecal waste products should stay in our system no longer than twenty-four hours, though six to eight hours is optimal. In America the transit time averages from 72 to 96 hours. This gives the fecal matter time enough to putrefy, ferment, and build up toxins that can affect every part of our body, especially the immune system. 

Scientific studies are coming out now that show that over 70% of our immune system is in our colon. The immune system can be built up only in a clean body, a body with a minimal amount of accumulated toxic material.

In his article, “Eliminating Toxins and Disease through Colon Health,” reprinted in Immune Perspectives, Michael Dye talks about mucus build up, its benefits and its drawbacks: “In an effort to minimize toxins absorbed into the blood stream from the colon, mucus is created to encapsulate the waste of certain foods such as meat, dairy, white flour and other processed foods. This mucus build-up is a natural defense mechanism, and could be efficiently eliminated through the colon if it occurred only rarely. But people who eat mucus-producing foods every day create a toxic build-up of layers and pockets of mucus and decayed fecal matter, remnants of which can stay in the colon for twenty to thirty years or longer.”

Laxatives are the method of colon cleansing that is most popularly used today. They are considered to be an irritant and stimulant to the body. They simply draw water from the body and produce a thin watery substance that clears only the most recently digested waste. It is very easy to become dependent upon this artificial means of elimination. Proper bowel management enhances the natural flow and rhythm of the digestive organs, providing regular, painless, and efficient functioning. Enemas are fine to clean out the lower part of the rectum and colon, but miss about four feet of colon.

“He is the best physician who knows

the worthlessness of most medicines.”


What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy, colonics, colon irrigation, or high enemas is an alternative practice that involves repeated infusions of filtered, warm water into all segments of the colon by a certified colon therapist. A colonic is basically an extended and more complete form of an enema. The procedure gradually and gently cleanses and balances the colon by flushing waste from the large intestine. The objective is to remove fecal material from the colon walls and dilute the bacterial toxin concentration. The therapeutic effects of colon hydrotherapy are improved muscle tone which facilitates peristaltic action and enhances the absorption of nutrients from the cecum and ascending colon while minimizing the absorption of toxic waste material. The cleansing effect of colon hydrotherapy reduces stagnation and subsequent bacterial proliferation in the colon and helps to maintain the harmony of the intestinal flora in promoting optimal health.

Intestinal cleansing is a therapeutic measure which addresses the cause or source of the problem. Other measures which treat only the symptoms will provide only temporary relief of this problem. Colon hydrotherapy will clean and dilute the toxic load in the large intestine resulting in a reduced burden on the liver, allowing the various eliminative organs of the body in conjunction with a rejuvenated immunological system to restore internal balance and improve overall health of the individual.

Irrigation of the colon has been practiced in various forms by individuals and health care professionals for years and brought many health benefits to its recipients. Enemas are the predecessors to modern day colonic irrigation using state-of-the-art hydrotherapy equipment.

In the early 1900’s the mainstream medical community regularly utilized enemas in conjunction with their other health modalities. But now, colon hydrotherapy is practiced as an adjunctive therapy in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), or as a primary therapy by certified colon hydrotherapists. 

Will Colon Hydrotherapy Help Me?

Answer the following to determine if you have healthy bowel movements:

  • Do you eliminate approximately 20 minutes after each meal?
  • Is your elimination easy and not strained, typically taking 30 seconds or less?
  • Is the fecal matter roughly the length and texture of a long banana or in an “S” shape? 
  • Is your fecal matter typically in one piece and not many small pieces?
  • Is your fecal matter free of any foul odor?
  • Is it light to medium brown in color?
  • Does it do all of these without the use of laxatives or stool softeners?

If you answered “No” to even one of the above questions then colon therapy may be of great benefit to you. Some of the signs of a toxic colon are: coated tongue, fetid breath, sallow complexion, abnormal body odor, dark circles under the eyes, cold hands and feet, brittle nails and hair, sagging posture (pot belly), tension, fatigue, allergies, indigestion, chronic headaches, irritability, nervousness, nausea, depression, asthma, arthritis, and backaches.

Colon Hydrotherapy is not a cure-all, but may ease your symptoms and pain. The body is fearfully and wonderfully made and cleansing can begin the healing process toward a life of vitality.

“...one woman who said she had five bowel movements a day; after she passed away, it was found that there was only room enough for a pencil to pass through parts of her bowel. Her bowel was 9 inches across. We found that it had an extreme accumulation of hard toxic material encrusted on the bowel lining.”


D.C., Ph.D, Nutritionist

Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management

“Why do you continue to allow the 20, 30, or more years of corrupt feces and waste matter accumulated in layers on the inside of the wall of your colon to remain there, when it can be gradually removed with advantage and benefit to your health in general? No sewage system of any kind is immune from trouble if material is put into it which will eventually clog it up somewhere along the line.”


Colon Health

“Therapeutic benefits of colon hydrotherapy include improved tone of colonic muscles, reduced stagnation of intestinal contents, and reduced toxic waste absorption. While colon hydrotherapy is not actually a weight loss procedure, it does often result in significant weight loss, because of its ability to efficiently reduce the toxic burden of the large intestine.”


C.N.C., The Fiber 35 Diet

“Of the 22,000 operations I have personally performed,

I have never found a single normal colon.”



Surgeon, Battle Creek Sanitarium 

Is Colon Hydrotherapy Habit-Forming?

Colon hydrotherapy retrains the muscles of the bowel to regain strength. After a series, most people obtain the normal bowel function of one movement per day. A healthy bowel may have two to three movements a day, depending on what one eats. Once the colon is cleansed, the bowel may begin functioning normally. Toxins will stop being distributed into the body and will begin being expelled. The benefits can be wonderful once a dysfunctional colon is given a chance to function properly again. What brings people back on a maintenance program is the positive changes they have experienced and would like to maintain and enhance. 

When is Colon Hydrotherapy Contraindicated?

Colon hydrotherapy is contraindicated in the following circumstances unless prescribed by a licensed physician:

• Abdominal Hernia

• Abdominal Surgery 

• Acute Liver Failure 

• AnemiaLupus

• Aneurysm—All Types

• Cardiac Condition

• Carcinoma of the Colon 

• Cirrhosis

• Crohn’s Disease   

• Dialysis Patients

• Diverticulitis

• Diverticulosis

• Fissures & Fistulas

• Hemorrhoidectomy

• Hemorrhaging

• Hernia

• Intestinal Perforations

• Pregnancy (1st & 3rd trimester)

• Rectal/Colon Surgery

• Renal Insufficiencies

• Ulcerative Colitis


If you are currently taking medication for any condition diagnosed by a physician, you should check with your practitioner licensed by law, to ensure the medication will not be interfered with by the additional water intake and absorption and/or bowel extension.  

What is a Hydrotherapy Session Like?

Most people are nervous before they come in and then they relax. This therapy is a comfortable experience for most people. During the session, you are laying on your back, draped to ensure modesty. A disposable, sanitary and FDA approved system is used and a certified therapist is present overseeing the whole procedure.

Before your initial session you will begin by filling out a short medical history form. The therapist will show you the equipment and explain the process. After the paperwork is completed, the therapist will take you to a private therapy room and leave you to undress from the waist down. LifeCleanse uses the LIBBE open system colon therapy equipment which is an FDA Registered Class II device. You will lie down on your back on a contoured therapy table where you will lower yourself onto a sanitized, "single-use", disposable rectal nozzle and cover yourself with a sheet. The curved rectal nozzle is about the size of a pencil and is lubricated for your comfort. It is self-inserted two to three inches into the anal canal which allows a small amount of water to flow into the colon gently stimulating the colon’s natural peristaltic action to release softened waste. The water is filtered and typically set to the colon’s internal body temperature for your comfort. It will be gently flowing into your colon the entire session. You will retain the water for as long as is comfortable and then you simply eliminate as you would if sitting on a toilet. It is important to remember not to strain or push so as to avoid causing hemorrhoids. There is no worry about the rectal nozzle falling out; whatever needs to pass will flow around it and down the drain directly underneath you. There is no odor as the device comes complete with a motorized vent apparatus.

The therapist typically will get you started and check on you during your session three to four times to make sure all is well and answer any questions you may have as well as letting you know when the session is over. Some people like to have their abdomen stimulated with or without oils to help relax the colon and release more matter. Others prefer to do the massage themselves. Each person has their own need for privacy and the therapist is there to help in any way desired. Your dignity is always maintained.

The repetitive filling with water not only flushes wastes out of the colon, but it also stimulates the colon to contract. This contracting of the colon is called peristalsis. This is the same muscular action that occurs as the stool moves through the colon. In this way, colon cleansing with water is gentle and yet extremely effective because as you clean the colon, you are strengthening the colon muscles.

Once you and your therapist feel you are done, after getting dressed, you will sit on the toilet for 5-15 minutes. This allows for full evacuation of the bowels. You do not have to worry that you will have leaking or be on the toilet all day.

The therapy usually lasts about one hour. By the end of the session, generally people feel cleaner and healthier. You may feel a bit tired. Most people remark on how clean and light they feel, "Like I just took a bath on the inside!" Increased energy and feelings of well-being are the common responses.

Once you and your therapist have discussed the procedure and you feel more at ease with your new health venture, the two of you should establish goals. Keeping your goals in mind, your therapist will typically advise you at this point of the schedule of colon cleansing that you will need to plan on in order to accomplish your goals. A series of colonics is generally required to bring the body back to a state of optimal health.

What is a Cleansing Reaction?

This reaction can occur whenever you cleanse toxins out of your body, whether through a fast, dropping bad habits and introducing healthful foods, using a detox product, or detoxing using colon hydrotherapy. Some of you may experience this during your colon hydrotherapy session and it bears discussion. The Cleansing Reaction, Detox Reaction, Healing Crisis, and Herxheimer Reaction occurs when the body tries to eliminate toxins at a faster rate than they can be properly disposed of. The more toxic one's bodily systems are, the more severe the detoxification, or healing crisis. Cleansing can cause the body to dump toxins into the blood stream for elimination. The colon is closely related to the liver, which is a storehouse of drug and poison residues, and these toxins can also be released. As these toxins circulate through the body on their journey out, they can cause other parts of the body to be affected. When bacteria are dying off, a significant amount of endotoxins (toxins within the bacteria itself) are released into the body. The more bacteria present, and the stronger their endotoxins, the stronger the cleansing reaction.

Some reactions that can occur:

• Cramps

• Headache

• Nausea

• Chills

• Flu-like symptoms

• Strong emotions: anger, despair, sadness, etc.

• Suppressed memories arise

• Anxiety

If this happens to you, take heart, you are not alone.

One way to prevent this reaction is by drinking plenty of distilled water several days before your session. During the colon hydrotherapy session, the flow of water coming into the bowel can be slowed down or stopped so the body can catch up and then restarted when ready.

The point is to recognize the cleansing reaction for what it is—a good thing, not a bad one—and push through it; on the other side follows a period of feeling rejuvenated and newly energetic because a layer of toxic burden is being eliminated.

If you spent 30 or 50 years accumulating toxicity, you won't get rid of it in a week or a month. Cleansing is a normal process and a good sign, and while it can be uncomfortable, the rewards are well worth it! 

How Many Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions Does One Need?

One session will empty part of the colon. Remember that colonics are a process of removing impaction and encrusted material which have been built upon the colon wall layer by layer over many years. Reversing the situation may take a series of therapy sessions. It is suggested to have twelve sessions over a ten week period; two the first week (back to back—one today, one tomorrow), two the second week and one per week for eight weeks. The body is extremely smart. When we clean out the colon, the body starts pulling waste out of the tissue and putting them into the bloodstream. The waste heads for the liver, then back to the colon. Therefore the second session on the second day is necessary so that the digested waste is eliminated rather than reabsorbed. The same reason applies to the following two the second week. Then one a week for eight weeks slows detoxification to a gentler, more tolerable rate.

After completion of all twelve sessions, most clients return monthly or every couple of months for maintenance and prevention purposes as part of their ongoing health regime.

"Based on several score years of experience, research, and observation, it is my considered opinion that every mature man and woman, irrespective of their degree of intelligence, should be quick to realize that if they have any desire to live a long and healthy life-and to prevent the decadence and degeneration of senility-they should seriously consider their condition and take a series of colon irrigations (by the dozens if necessary) and get started on a cleansing program. I am convinced that about twice a year, throughout life, colon irrigations should help Nature keep the body healthy."


Colon Health

"Since it is impossible for you to eat perfectly for the rest of your life, it is necessary for you to clean your colon at least once per year. I generally do some form of a colon cleanse three to four times per year. Good colon cleanses include a series of five to fifteen colonics in a thirty-day period."


Consumer advocate, author

The Weight Loss Cure, & Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About

"Bowel problems can cause nutritional deficiency, regardless of how good your diet is or how many vitamins you take… Most people are aging because they are walking cesspools. They are literally rotting and decaying from the inside out."



Pioneer Nutritionist and Health Freedom Fighter

Developer of the 7-Day Fasting Cleanse

What Should You Eat Before a Colon Hydrotherapy Session?

The reason for this diet is to limit the work the digestive tract is doing while we are working on the cleaning. It will have enough going on and we don’t want to overdo it.

  • Two days before the session eat smaller amounts of food during a meal. Eat soups and light foods. Juice your vegetables, drink juices, tea and water.

  • Twenty-four hours before a session please try not to eat red meat, heavy raw fruits or vegetables, heavy starches, breads or milk products. 

  • Two hours before a session fast. Fasting will decrease the likelihood of nausea due to the filling of the transverse colon pressing on the stomach.

How to "Get the Most Out" of Your Colonic

  • Several days prior to coming, use castor oil packs* on your abdomen. This will soften the impacted feces in the colon, allowing it to be gently dislodged during your colonic.


*HOW TO MAKE A CASTOR OIL PACK | Get a clean, used diaper or flannel cloth that covers your entire abdomen. (Castor oil stains badly and will not come out of sheets or clothing, so be careful.) Apply oil liberally onto the entire abdominal region. Cover with flannel. Wrap an old bath towel or piece of old clothing around your abdomen and secure with safety pins. Apply a hot water bottle over the pack while falling asleep. A large ace bandage will work also, be sure it's not too tight.


  • Up your intake of water and omega 3 oils—flax oil, olive oil, etc. The more fluid you can get into your colon, the faster you’ll let go of those excess pounds.
  • If you can, fast the day of your colonic. The less undigested food in your system, the easier time your body will have cleansing.
  • The night before your colonic, lie on the floor and spend a few minutes on your back, both sides, and your tummy (if it doesn’t hurt). If you do 30 seconds on your back, then roll to your side, wait 30 seconds, roll to your tummy, 30 seconds, roll to your side etc, this will apply pressure on all parts of the colon, helping to break up any solid, impacted matter.
  • Make a list of things you are ready to let go of in your life. Concentrate on those as you are having your colonic. As the colon releases its hold on solid matter, energy will be released to complete your letting go process. Be sure to use this energy to actually let go of the things you thought about, or you may find yourself "stuck".
  • For several days prior to your colonic, do "feet up the wall" yoga position. This strengthens the thyroid, relaxes the colon and prepares the abdomen for the colonic. 

What Should You Eat After a Colon Hydrotherapy Session?

  • After the session, be gentle with your colon. It is very likely you will get hungry right after the session.  Do not eat heavy, greasy foods. Do not consume alcohol because your colon is extra absorbent. It is best to stay with the soups and light food for the next day. Juices and tea are great as well as juicing your vegetables. The colon needs 24 hours to put a new lining on the colon wall that is used for protection. Items with harder edges might scrape the side so you want to avoid them the day of the colonic and for 24 hours after.
  • Miso is wonderful to add to your soup. It adds good bacteria into the digestive tract. It is also very advantageous to take Bifido bacteria and Acidophilus. 

Helpful Hints for the Colon

  • It is important to have enough acid in the stomach to break down the protein. One way of achieving this is adding fresh squeezed lemons to your water or juice.
  • It is good to start the day with a warm glass of lemon water. This helps the digestive tract start on the right track.
  • Try to eat fiber with every meal. It helps move things through more efficiently. You can add ground flax seeds to your meal for fiber. It helps draw out toxins as well.
  • Omega 3 oils, either fish oil or flax seed oil, are very beneficial to the health of your colon.
  • Introducing superior foods such as legumes, vegetables, and fruits and omitting toxic substances such as coffee, tea, sugar, fried foods, heavy amounts of meat and dairy, and alcohol eases the colon’s job. Foods closest to their natural state create harmony in the bowel. 

Dr, Bernard Jensen says, "Here is a simple guideline to keep in mind when considering whether to consume a certain food: Your food should in some way contribute to the bulk, lubrication, and moisture (BLM) in your bowel. Bulk, lubrication, and moisture combine to create an ideal bowel environment. Bulk creates the mass whereby good evacuation is assured. Lubrication allows an easy flow of materials through the digestive tract all the way to the anus. And moisture prevents the drying out of feces and the development of constipation. If a food item does not contribute to BLM, don’t eat it!"

Always drink plenty of water—six to eight 8 oz. glasses per day is essential.

Recommended reading:  

The Fiber 35 Diet, Nature’s Weight Loss Secret

by Brenda Watson, C.N.C. with Leonard Smith, M.D.


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