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Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are able to colonize the intestinal tract and help promote healthy structure and function.  Many lifestyle factors favor undesirable microorganisms over probiotics in your intestinal tract: stress, poor diet (sugar & fat), alcohol, prescription drugs, travel, frequent colds or infections, and aging are the big ones.  It's hard for a modern person not to have a probiotic deficiency to some degree.

The probiotic we sell at LifeCleanse is top quality.  It has 5 symbiotic probiotic strains which stick to intestinal soft lining (wall) and keep it healthy.  Two bioactive prebiotics stimulate the probiotics and enhance their action.  The result is a healthy soft lining which means improved digestion and regularity, an alert immune system, and enhanced absorption of nutrients and dietary supplements.


Enzymes are the life force or energy factor in our bodies.  The human body uses over 100,000 enzymes-about a dozen are responsible for digesting the food we eat.  As we age, our body's production of these digestive enzymes decreases by 1 to 2 percent per year.  Genetic, environmental, and dietary factors can cause these negative effects in younger people as well.  Foods in the raw state contain enzymes but are destroyed through the cooking process, therefore oral enzymes are needed to promote overall health.

At LifeCleanse we sell an excellent food enzyme that rejuvenates your digestive system with 12 high potency digestive enzymes.  They are acid-proof, which means they will make it through the stomach unharmed to the small intestine where absorption occurs.  Many enzymes on the market today are rendered useless as they are weakened or destroyed by the high acidity in the stomach.  Our enzymes also have a high lipase content which removes fat from the food mixture allowing all enzymes to work more effectively. Deep release technology gets fiber digesting enzymes into the colon where probiotics are stimulated.

The result is improved digestion and elimination, reduced bloating and intestinal gas, improved absorption of critical nutrients, and improved probiotic activity resulting in greater intestinal health.  After 1-2 months a noticeable increase in energy and general health is often reported.

Oral Intestinal Cleansing

Periodic colon cleansing to remove impacted waste matter and rejuvenate a sluggish colon is now recommended by many health care professionals.
At LifeCleanse we use several kinds of intestinal cleansing products, depending on the desired level and speed of cleansing a person wants.  Oral products, in conjunction with colon hydrotherapy is the best and most serious method of thoroughly cleansing the colon. 

Detoxification & Building the Immune system

FACT: The Environmental Protection Agency says that U.S. facilities alone released more than 4.7 billion pounds of pollutants into the atmosphere in 2002.

FACT: You are exposed to over 4 million toxins from the time you are born. Just the foods you eat, water you drink, and the air you breathe due to environmental pollutants.

FACT: The average newborn is born with over 200 industrial and chemical toxins in their body that were transferred through their mother's umbilical cord.

FACT: Your body is not capable of eliminating all of these toxins you are exposed to, therefore they continue to build up in your cell's tissues, blood, organs, and brain, ultimately causing serious health complications.

Consequently you are...

  • Tired
  • Depressed
  • Getting headaches
  • Having trouble concentrating & staying focused
  • Getting sick often
  • Struggling with losing weight
  • Having digestive & other gastrointestinal issues
  • Having difficulty sleeping
  • Dealing with muscle aches & pains
  • Experiencing low libido

At LifeCleanse we constantly look for scientifically proven products that are of high quality and purity. Products that will help your body continue to detox before, during, and after your colonic sessions.

Removing toxins that build up in your body is essential if you want to have a strong immune system, a healthier body that works well and therefore, live a better life.

As toxins are removed, it is essential that the immune system be built up. The immune system is made up of over one trillion white blood cells that are responsible for the protection and maintenance of every other cell in the body. There are key immune cells in the body that do very specialized tasks. They include: T cells, neutrophils, natural killer (NK) cells and macrophages. There are multiple ways to accomplish helping our immune system-among them are enough sleep, quality food choices, exercise, and a peaceful emotional state. There are other things that are intentional that can be done to boost the immune system.

Detoxification is an important, ongoing process as we battle our exposure to pollutants. Our bodies were not meant to be toxic dumps. But as long as toxins are being deposited into the environment and into consumer products, we will continue to be exposed 24 hours a day.

You can fight back! Start clearing your body of health-robbing toxins today and begin the process of building your own immunity to fight them!

Nrf2 & You

The health effects of Nrf2 may well become the most extraordinary therapeutic and most extraordinary preventative breakthrough in the history of medicine." -Washington State University

What is Nrf2?

At the very center of our cellular protective pathway is a protein called "Nrf2" that serves as a "master regulator" of the body's antioxidant response. You might think of Nrf2 as a "thermostat" within our cells that senses the level of oxidative stress and other stressors and turns on other internal protective mechanisms.

How Can Nrf2 Benefit You?

  • DNA repair
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Cardiovascular diseases prevention
  • Diabetes prevention
  • Alzheimer's prevention
  • Cancer prevention
  • Reverse aging of the skin

Can Nrf2 Help Our Gut?

In order to carry out its day-to-day functions, the gut must have 1) adequate intestinal barrier function; 2) proper communication between the gut and the brain; and 3) healthy intestinal microorganisms. Though research is still in its infancy, current evidence suggests that overexposure to cellular stress may disrupt each of these three components.

Listed below are some of the ways cellular stress is thought to impede normal gut function.

  • Damages intestinal cell structures, which may lead to decreased intestinal barrier function.
  • Disrupted intestinal barrier function may then lead to invasion of pathogenic bacteria (i.e., bacteria that can cause infection).
  • Induces significant alterations in the composition if gut bacteria (i.e. decreases beneficial bacteria and increases potentially pathogenic bacteria in the gut).
  • Disrupts communication pathways between the gut and the brain (i.e., the gut-brain axis).

Many scientists believe that Nrf2 activation is the "future" of cellular protection and health promotion. This foundation of naturally activating Nrf2 to "solve" the problem of cellular stress is a fundamentally different way of restoring balance to the body.

Activate Your Nrf2!

Our all-natural Nrf2 activator is significant to have on your counter for life. It will replace all antioxidants you may be taking, saving you money. It works by turning on a switch in your cells causing them to MAKE their own antioxidants enzymes.