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Diet & Nutrition

Nutrition & cleansing constantly interact and complement one another in normal body functioning. The Standard American Diet (SAD) consists of highly processed, fried, and chemical laden foods. Those foods are difficult to digest and can cause major health problems due to toxicity. We replenish our bodies from the foods we eat and the liquids we drink. There are specific dietary laws that should be followed to enhance health and purify the body.


When all is well with our soul, health & healing will not only begin, but thrive. God has provided a plan to have peace between man and himself (John 3:16). In addition, when forgiveness, peace, joy, and contentment replace unforgiveness, bitterness, strife, anger, fear, and resentment, our bodies seem to function at a more optimal level. These negative emotions and memories are toxic and block restoration to health. It is always good to look deep inside and let the healing begin.

Detoxification of Organs

Specific organs involved in cleansing are the colon, liver, gallbladder, skin, lungs, and kidneys. When we stop ignoring these systems and begin focusing on them, detoxification begins. This is a crucial element and often overlooked.


Whether you are aware of it or not, water is not water. The physiological importance of water cannot be overlooked. This life-sustaining liquid makes up more than 70% of the human body. It is responsible for hydrating cells, delivering nutrients, digestion, eliminating metabolic wastes, nutrient assimilation, respiration, and maintaining the integrity of the total anatomy of the body. At LifeCleanse, we have i-H20 (intelligent water). Using electromagnetic fields, there are subtle electrical effects that can be used to alter or modify the molecular structure of water and subsequently affect the properties and its ensuing physiological functions. The technology that changes the molecular structure of water is called Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET). The benefits of drinking and the spraying the body with this water are improved metabolism, assimilation, and detoxification which promotes healing.


The value of daily, consistent exercise is beneficial to the cleansing of our lungs and the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system depends on the exercising of the muscles to pump it just as the circulatory system depends on the heart. The three most accepted types of exercise are cardio, strength training, and flexibility. The rotation of a daily regimen focusing on these will promote fitness and well as healing as the lungs and lymphatics are stimulated and toxins are removed.

One of the best forms of exercise that is gentle on the musculoskeletal system is rebounding. Rebounding uses a mini-trampoline that one jumps on in various ways. It creates a cellular exercise because it causes all of the cells of the body to physically adjust to what is perceived by them as a more demanding environment. The cells adjust by becoming individually stronger. Rebounding uses the forces of gravity, acceleration, and deceleration in combination. This creates a G force which is felt by every cell in your body. You no longer weigh 1 G, you weigh more! The cells react to this environmental change. Your cells depend upon the diffusion of water through their semi-permeable cell membranes to carry oxygen, nutrients, hormones, enzymes into the cell, and to flush out metabolic trash. The rate of diffusion of water into and out of the cells of your body between an increase in G force and a no G force 200 times a minute increases the diffusion of water into each cell at least three fold! Nothing beats that kind of cellular cleansing. When small hand weights are added, this creates a whole-body, cellular exercise that strengthens and detoxifies.